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is there any critical question about immortality and aging?

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    Is aging reversible?

    Look at biomarkers of aging; oxidative damage, cellular senescence, shortened telomeres, DNA mutations, mitochondrial morphology, ect. Does mitigating any of these extend life, and does reversing the change give rise to more youthful cellular behaviors? To what extent are these biomarkers causal to aging, or compensating for elements of aging not yet elucidated? For example, cellular division can cause mutations leading to cancer, perhaps senescence plays a protective role to prolong life? Oxidative stress causes cells to compensate by increasing defense and growth mechanisms, perhaps mild oxidative stress that increases with age helps to promote youth? Further, the immune system decreases efficacy with age, perhaps increased basal oxidative stress assists with preventing infection to prolong life?

    Aging is f'ed up man. In my several years working on aging science, all I can say is biology doesnt work the same when we are older, and medicine should really not be generalized across the lifespan.

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    What will become of retirement age and social security? Not to mention our over-population prolem.

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