What do you think about Asperger Syndrome, could get gun license (Europe) ?

What do you think about Asperger Syndrome, why everyone thinks that people with the Autism Spectrum are psychopaths, e.g. in the context of having a firearm

after all, let's say people with ADHD are more impulsive, but they are always so cool, only autistic people get the label of a psycho, when not everyone with ASD is non-verbal, In Poland, until 2009, general conscription was in force, I was rejected for medical reasons, but mainly because of obesity than Asperger, my friend also has Asperger and he is a soldier in our Polish armed forces, he did not just say that he had an Asperger, he said that the basic training was at At first, he was beyond his strength, but the other conscripts had the same, my friend became a sharpshooter with a specialization in the Dragonow SWD sniper rifle, which the Polish Army still has in store from the Cold War when we were a communist country :-)

overtime, his commanders learned that he had Asperger, for which he got reprimand , which was later reduced, then cancelled, his friend said that he was ashamed that he lied, but he does not regret it, because thanks to this he can defend Poland as a soldier, that he feels satisfied as a guy that he is not treated like a nerd even though he is a nerd and has Asperger but he could serve as a soldier even for free :-)

But he is sad that in Poland it is so difficult to obtain a license ...


for a hunting or sporting weapon as a civilian as someone has Asperger's reportedly in America such discrimination would be unthinkable.

In Poland, we are almost all Catholics, but another NT friend of mine who is a Jehovah's Witness says that he does not know why so many young Poles want to serve the army so much that, God does not like warfare.

Update 2:

@Cul-De-Sac777 (cool nickname BTW)

Here in Europe, President Donald Trump and his supporters in the USA and here in Europe are presented as a psychopath, freak and loser who cannot come to terms with his election defeat, which is why he spreads conspiracy theories about fraud in the American presidential elections, etc., but I would probably also vote him if I were American, although he reminds me of my ADHD friends in terms of behaviour ;-)

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    Don't know about Europe, but in America, DC v. Heller says that people with "mental illnesses" can have their right to own a firearm limited.  I disagree with this, because what a "mental illness" is can be defined to disarm one's political opponents.  Look at Democrat tyrants corporatists like Joe Biden.  I am sure he would be willing to disarm people who are "racist", or even support Trump at this point.

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    Europa?  Nobody is allowed a gun in Europa, except Elitist Politicians, and some coppers.

    The UK is even running a **Save a Life, Surrender your [kitchen] knives** program.

    Next will be rocks and pointy sticks.

    World Wide, NOBODY has a right to a weapon, especially a gun.

    The only reason the USA has a "Bill of Rights" is that their founding fathers were all criminals smugglers, counterfeiters, etc. seeking to make crime easier.

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    Asperger Syndrome is another contrived neo-disease to explain bad behaviour

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