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I have ocd but I reazlied a lot of my worries are a bit paranoid or could be delusional. For example. I used to worry as a kid if I didn't check soemthing,someone may have poisoned my family and if I didn't check,it would be my fault. Or checking stuff over and over. I also used to be paranoid over minor mistakes I made that I would get into legal trouble when the mistakes weren't even that bad,I just worried that badly about them. I also would worry people were gonna leave me or thought badly about me. Please say it's jsut my ocd and not schizophrenia?? I'm 21.

I used to worry badly id go to jail over minor mistakes or that my friends were plotting bad stuff against me or mad at me. That's just anxiety ? I also have derealization I often worry I'm abusive too over tiny things and need to be reassured I haven't hurt anyone and am NOT abusing people 

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    I used to think the same thing but I was reassured multiple times by different professionals that, in my case, it's part of my OCD. If it was schizophrenia, chances are you'd also be experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations, but that's not always the case. Talk to your doctor just to make sure it's the same for you. There are many things you can do that will help you cope and make life a little easier.

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    You must be afraid of yourself.

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    I already answered this question with the truth.

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