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I am starting to have really low self esteem...?

I lost my job due to covid back in March and ever since if I spend or if I want something it is an issue a huge one to my husband. Mind you he has a regular 40 hr job in an hvac company and we have a small buisness which is doing really well. Anything concerning me spending is always an issue. I give him my EDD to help pay for rent and bills and food. Lately he has been saying alot of mean things like that I cannot give him children because I tied my tubes, or that I am over weight, or he rubs in my face that his ex is a succesful GM and I am nothing, that I cannot support my own self right now, he makes fun of me getting more greys than usual, how I am just like any other furniture in the house etc. It is very hurtful. EDD came to an end for a month and it was even worse. 

Back story, I have 3 children from a previous marriage. 


What should I do? Is he the problem or am I? 

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    I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling and your husband is a prick. Did you have a question?

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