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Blood lab results came.. please help me I’m scared ?

Short & sweet i really need advice.. my follow up appointment is Thursday but my doctor kept calling me today asking for an appointment as soon as today and now i see why..

I’m a 20 y/o female, 130 lbs, 5’2 

For months I’ve been having dizziness and just off .. i lose focus and feel lightheaded doing simple tasks. I’ve fainted numerous times at the gym.. i thought that it was orginally just my antidepressant medication (fluoxetine) idk so i talked to my doctor about it switching ans started (venlafaxine) and still same thing even worse now.. so we got blood work done. 

Someone tell me if i may have some chronic illness or cancer Idk I’m scared. I need to be prepared for whatever the doctor is going to say Thursday. Cancer runs early in my family. 

RBC- is in green at 4.99 

WBC- is in green 

Hemoglobin- 8.2

Hemocrit- 31.2


MCH- 16.7

MCHC- 27.8

RDW- says high at 19.8

The rest is all green except glucose at 102 and Vitamjn D at 20 

Helllllp I’m too young to die. Every day I’m exhausted and the littlest things make me dizzy & light headed

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    Yeah, you would feel dizzy with that level of iron deficiency and anemia.

    You are reading WAY too much into it.  This can very much mean exactly what I said = you are anemic with low iron.

    Go to your local health food store and get some plant based iron supplements.

    Non plant based can easily cause stomach irritation.

    While you are at it get some D3 in coconut oil.

    Your vitamin D is at the low level of adequate.  Vitamin D has a lot to do with covid response.  People who have adequate levels of vitamin D are less likely to get sick and have a better response if they do get sick,

    The glucose is fine.

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