Does this look like implantation bleeding, ovulation, period or other ? ?

Some extra info:

Basically, My husband and I had unprotected sex 2 times on the 8th of January after I had been off my period like a week maybe. We aren't trying to get pregnant currently like, we usually use condoms and I'm usually on BC but haven't got it refilled yet. 

 We didn't think anything of it cause well, it took us 6/7 years to concieve our daughter (shes 19 months now) So, we figured that one day of sex wouldn't be a wouldn't be a biggie to be unprotected. 🤷‍♀️ (dumb i know lol) but the thing is after my whole life of very irregular periods ( and I'm talking 2 a year maybe 3) The last year and half they have been pretty darn regular for me anyways Like 40 day cycle or longer or less then that so something like that (thats regular for me)

 Anyways! Well on the 14th of January, I had a drop of blood and weird discharge come out from down there. (Which diffently wasn't my period) and then 2 days ago I had weird brown discharge come out

 So I'm wondering if there is a possibility I could be pregnant, like do you think that this could be implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding or ?? 

Now today two days later after the I'm feeling strange/crampy.

Again last period was Jan 1-6

Also, I would not know when to test because periods are so irregular but I've NEVER had 2 periods in one month EVER. so I dought this is a period. 

So what do you like think?

Thank you in advance!! 💜

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Breakthrough bleeding is ANY bleeding that happens when a period is not due or not expected.  Breakthrough bleeding can be anything from a few drops of blood to seeming like an actual period.  (to be clear - an actual period is the result of ovulation that didn't result in pregnancy.  Any other bleeding is not a period.  This is why women who reach menopause stop having periods - they stop ovulating.)

    Implantation bleeding or bleeding because of ovulation are two specific causes of breakthrough bleeding but breakthrough bleeding can happen for MANY reasons.There is NOTHING about what it looks like that would determine what type of breakthrough bleeding you are having.  You didn't need to share photos.  Even a doctor couldn't tell you what type of bleeding that was just by looking at it.

    If it is implantation bleeding, you will get a positive pregnancy test in about five to seven days after seeing it.  That is enough time after implantation for the pregnancy hormones to be strong enough to show up on a test.  

    Your bleeding might also be related to stopping the birth control pills.  It could be happening because of your own hormones trying to get back into balance.

    As for "when" to test - at 21 days after sex, a test is accurate.  If you are having sex regularly, but have irregular periods, then you could just test once per month anytime you have not had a period for at least six weeks.  Once you have a period, you could stop testing until it has been six weeks after that period.  Once per month is often enough to catch a pregnancy fairly early.  (don't rely on "pregnancy" symptoms.  It is possible to be pregnant and not have noticeable symptoms.  Morning sickness is not a required symptom of pregnancy.)

    BTW - I understand the issues of irregular periods.  I averaged four to five periods per year and could be anything between two to four months between periods.  I have two children and never used any fertility programs.  For me, I became pregnant fairly easily - RIGHT AFTER STOPPING BIRTH CONTROL PILLS.  

    Can you be pregnant - yes.  You'll have to wait and see.  

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