Getting over my EX,i got all the things right,BUT this happened because of COVID19.How?

This situation is unique i can't find any solution everywhere. I got fall in love with this person like 10 years ago. It was high school. The realtionship went very deep for 6 years. But than in 6th year, we had to breakup for all the reason we can tell. But,it was healthy i can assume. Sometime later i got depressed got brokeup from 2 other relationships. Out of depression i seek help. But get refused. One last time i asked for a clousure so i can meet . Well it turned out pretty ugly.

This is not the point. I got rid of all the photos,texts,things that could remember the past. I am more stable on handling my emotions when remember past. I got distract myself by reading,playing video games,meet with friends,hangouts,go on date. Life is good right.

Well,when i was in relationship with this person,we had developed a kink/fetish. I have huge fetish for surgical mask. So the kink/fetish grow between us. Since this was from my teenange age,i always liked to make out with wearing mask. this covid19 situation made i see masks all the time,make me wear on. In my line of career i never needed it at all. Those days we wore masks inside car.We were so shy to wear them in public.Now i keep regretting why we have broke up,so we can't enjoy this kink thing together as planned. Damn. I don't need to know how she feel now,but sure i want to got myself out of this.  I need some enlightment. 

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