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How can I hide that I've left the country from my parents?

Before anyone starts, yes I am 18, 19 in a few months. I'm at university and I've saved up money to go on holiday with my friends. I've never been on holiday before. I have always had unnecessarily strict parents. We're waiting until covid blows over (probably next year) to go on holiday but I've been told that if my parents call me and I'm in a different country, it'll ring differently and tell on me. How can I get around this? I really don't want to have to block my parents numbers. Thanks in advance


UPDATE : If you have nothing useful to say... save it. That's common sense, I shouldn't have to say that.

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    You’ll be 18. 

    It’s childish to lie and adults can make their own decisions. You don’t have to tell your parents in advance where you’re going, but that would be disrespectful to them.

    But lying to them or trying to deceive them will be immensely disrespectful. It will take a long while before they ever trust you again. Don’t try to treat them like idiots. Assume that they will find out if you are untruthful and don’t forget that they were once your age so probably know the tricks you’ll try.

    So tell them. Put up with their upset and ignore any silly tantrums they may have: you can choose to behave like an adult even if they cannot. Assure them of your safety, even if they don’t wish to listen; their concerns and worries come from love and if they’re unreasonable it’s because they haven’t yet learned to realise that you’re about to become a legal adult with the right to make your own choices and mistakes. If part of assuring them of your safety is to agree to phone them every day without fail, then make absolutely certain that you stick to your promise. If during your holiday you expect to be travelling off-grid the following day, then tell them during your call and let them know where you’ll be.

    If they resort to making threats then call their bluff. You might find that they’re not bluffing but so what? At 18 you have many years to get back on track even if it has to be by your own efforts. Parents who try to make threats to exercise control aren’t people you’ll want controlling your life and they’ll need to learn that method won’t work. Over the longer term they might even end up proud that you have the confidence to make your own decisions.

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    Easy as pie. Leave your phone at home. Forward it to a Google voice number. Have the Google voice number send an alert to whatever number you will be using out of the country. Respond when you are able.

    That way even if the phone "magically", rings differently when you sneak away, it won't when left at home. 

    If It were me, I'd just go on vacation. Better to ask for forgiveness, than permission. Besides, what are they going to do, kill you? But then, at 12 years old, I was taking planes to magic competitions by myself, and this was before cell phones. 

    Guess I had parents that could see I was better equipped at 12, to travel, than you appear to be at 18, according to your parents. 

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