What Are Ways To Stop Yourself from having the last words in conversations?

I'm just wondering what are ways to know that it is consider having the last words in a conversation?

I don't care for having the last words at all.  But when there are still a  little story behind it or facts to it. I would say it. 

When is that still consider having the last words? Just don't say it, even it is the fact(s) or the story behind it. It not the conversation still going on?

What are ways to just not say it, so the other person/people don't say you got to have the last words? So that both sides be happier. So no one quite and not really saying much or not happy when saying other stuff?

What to look for in any conversation and not say it, even when they are true? Just leave it out, let it go?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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    Source(s): pochaev.org.ua/?pid=2249
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