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Have you ever had a love relapse?

I did.

Long ago Patty and I were micro-cheating for almost a year at a very conservative large company.  There were mixed messages during the time.  She told a coworker about how excited she was about her 10-year anniversary, but then resorted to whispers.

Then 6 months I got a tip among a group of 3 others about how her husband Mike was rumored to have been fired due to computer hacking.  In previous month Sue and 40+ others around the company were fired for unauthorized computer use.  This had juicy details but lacked context.  The others would deny the conversation took place.  Because of this, I began to fall madly in love with Patty about 2 weeks later.

I then spoke to my boss Carol and I knew she lied about claiming about how there was no problems and how I had no proof.  An hour later thing went downhill afterwords.

2 months later Patty was breadcrumbing to coworkers about typical marriage problems but not about any criminal problems.  For a long time I though that Mike's problem had to be overblown because he wasn't fired.

Then January 6th happened.  I now know that not only Mike did computer hacking, but Carol, Patty and the very conservative organization were OK with that computer system insurrection.  I'm saddened by this and no longer able to respect them and that's unfortunate.

My unfinished business is finally over.

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    No            .

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    What is "breadcrumbing"?   Your post reads like a daytime soap opera.  What goes on in our private lives is not the issue, its what's happening in yours that you might like to seek advice about, and you aren't doing that. So........ho hum, there are others who do need our advice.

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    Sorry, you lost me with the asinine term "micro-cheating". Sorry, cheating is cheating regardless and going after someone's husband makes you a despicable person. Stop pretending like this is okay.  

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