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My husband gets upset...?

My husband and I have been married for a little over a year. He’s 27 and I’m 28. We are childless. We have a great relationship, but our intimacy life is unsatisfactory for me. My husband’s drive isn’t as much as mine. He often complains that I want it too much and I treat him like a robot. So, I’ve bought toys and I watch videos. My husband knows, but  he gets mad when I use my toys alone or next to him in bed. However, I don’t see another option. He doesn’t want me to use toys unless he’s using them on me. I don’t know what to do. It’s as if he wants me to only enjoy pleasure whenever he feels like I should have it. Like today, he sent me a video about sex addiction. I’ve always been like this. I just have a high drive. What to do?

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  • MissA
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    1 month ago

    Say, "I respect you but I have just as much right to a happy sex life as you do," continue to respond enthusiastically when he wants to be sexual with you, and otherwise ignore him and use your toys.  He'll either up his game, get over it, or move on.

  • 1 month ago

    You've "always" been like this but a year ago you wed a man who has no where near the level of horny as you do. How did that happen? Never had sex with him but used to have lots with others? How did that happen? Does he have sex with you less than 3 times a week? Less than 3 times a month? There's no way you can pleasure yourself without it being next to him in bed when he isn't wanting sex that night? No moments you can steal alone that you don't have to tell him about?  Seems, to me, you can figure this out. Ultimately, you might have to decide if your desire to get off outweighs your interest in your marriage... I guess. Cause if it weren't a huge problem for you then you'd not have brought it to us, no? Yes? 

  • Ricky
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    1 month ago

    Well I can help you satisfy that. Just don't tell him  whenever he goes away from work I can come in. 🍩🥒 

  • T J
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    1 month ago

    Get a divorce, its not going to get any better.

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