Could Russia wipe out all of Iraq with their most powerful nuclear bomb?

Russia does have a nuclear bomb and ICBM that could destroy all of Texas and France if it hit. If Russia tested it on Iraq would it wipe out the entire country?.

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    You couldn't wipe out an area the size of Texas with a single nuclear blast. 

    Russia and the US, and a handful of other countries, have enough nukes to destroy the whole world!  But in secondary effects--poisoning of the atmosphere, nuclear winter, destruction of the whole biosphere (which we live in!)   But they realize that wouldn't exactly be a 'victory'. 

    In fact every nuclear nation realizes that you can't win a nuclear war.

    We have a number of nuclear submarines in the water around Russia.  Each one of them has enough warheads and missiles to destroy every city in Russia above 20,000 in population!  Russia couldn't destroy Texas but they could hit Houston and kill a couple million people.  But they know if they did that, five Russian cities would disappear in a flash over the next hour or two.  So they're not likely to do that.  Neither would NK or Iran.

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    nope, not even close

    the most powerful nuke has a bast radius of about 12 miles, but no one makes nukes that big anymore

    most nukes are in the 250KT range.. not thr MT range

    but no nuke can destry a country, a city would be hard enough

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    Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle, those can contain 10 nukes each, I would say 3 of those would turn Texas into a wasteland 

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