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What is the meaning of life?

What is your belief of what the meaning of life is?

What are some morals you live by?

What are tips for living life to the fullest?

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    Q. What is your belief of what the meaning of life is?

    A. It has the meaning that YOU  give to it. Nobody knows if there is greater meaning.

    Q. What are some morals you live by?

    A. The same basic morals as preached by all major religions. 

    Q. What are tips for living life to the fullest?

    A. Live it more than you talk about it.

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    It's our opportunity to get to know and serve our Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and to get prepared for eternity.  I believe in  the moral principles set forth in the New Testament and try to live by them.  Since receiving Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior many years ago in my late 20s, my life has been richer, fuller and much more meaningful.   I recommend Him to all. 

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    The meaning of life is found where all meaning is stored. In the dictionary, but preferably there are biological textbooks.

    Morals I live by, are the rules my state legalize into civil demands. I see the (democratic) state as the highest moral authority. I get my morality from various moral philosophies as well, but they really haven't bettered or made my character more virtuous.

    To live life to the fullest, get the best education and the best job, for the most amount of money. The more money you have the more wishes you can fulfill. A wish fulfilled life in plenty is a life lived to its fullest.

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    Ultimately, meaning can only come from God. If we were created by a creator, there must a reason why he chose to do so but if we are the result of a random natural process then there can be no meaningful reason for randomness.

    To be really free doesn't mean being able to do whatever we like. Real freedom means being free from our own vices and temptations, so they don't impede us from being what we ought to be, and also being free from the sort of desires that make us unable to find happiness in our present circumstances.

    Sometimes in life, the right decision is the foolish one. But you need wisdom to to judge when to risk foolishness.

    Fun is not the same as satisfaction. It's no good spending all your life having fun if it never makes you happy.

    It's good to judge yourself if that means recognising your faults humbly and wanting to change. But it's bad to judge yourself if that means trying to pass sentence and condemn yourself.

    Never fall into the trap of thinking that an idea is wrong just because it's old fashioned, or right just because it's modern.

    It's good to sometimes get away from distractions, be quiet, and just think, listen and pray.

    [Finally, as a bit of an aside, I'd agree with the other answer that mentions the Book of Ecclesiastes. Of all the books in the Bible, that is one that wrestles with the question of what it all means, and does anything really matter without God. But be careful about the link in that answer, as is the Jehovah's Witness website and its one of the ways they try to draw people into their sect.] 

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    According to Ecclesiastes 12:13 "The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the true God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole obligation of man."

    These words highlight an important reason to fear God and obey him. Doing so is our obligation, our duty. Jehovah is our Creator, so we owe our very life to him. (Psalm 36:9) We also owe him our obedience. When we live as he wants us to live, we are fulfilling our obligation. What, then, is the purpose of life? Put simply, it is this: We are here to do God’s will. There is no better way to fill your life with meaning. The Bible is the guide for good living now and into the future.

    Find out what God's will is for humans.

    Source(s): wol/ Can the Bible Teach Us?
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