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Time for real Aussies to get behind the Australian team rather than silly belittling like Grubbie is doing?

The better team won on the day , that is all.  The Australian team played well and did their best but lost. That does not make their efforts " in vain " like Grubbie would have everyone believe.  Get behind them.  Back in your hole Grubbie. 


Sh1t happens Anon , you win some you lose some. That was yesterday now. Onwards and upwards.  

Update 2:

Pay attention Grubbie , I never accused you , there was an accusation based on something you allegedly posted. I did see though that you have never denied the accusation .  You respond with your usual vitriol.  I never deleted the question obviously. Can you delete questions ? I am behind the veterans. They did not die for no reason. They deserve more respect than that despicable statement. 

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    Not many Aussies left in Australia.

  • Regwah
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    2 months ago

    Hey what are you doing talking of supporting others, that's not like you at all, nice change though, yes lets commend them for their efforts, it's the thought that counts.

    In fact lets all give each other a pat on the back, we can't all be winners.

  • 2 months ago

    Fvck off. I cheer for England. It's runs in my family. Aussie cricketers are whingers and pathetic like you Mutty and the whole world loathe them. Bloody Bogan.😠🖕

    Secondly you don't follow cricket or any sport for that matter. You're just a poser and a fake. Loser.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    We are crying for you, here in UK.....  😭

    We hate to see you get beaten.   😜

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