hp stream window 10  help?

ok i need help plz  so i got a hp steam 11 windows 10 laptop as a slight belated  gift and i do like it but like lots of others im sure ive been trying to find a android emulater so i could play google play apps the problem is everthing ive looked at is only to play games but not any other apps  see im looking for one that will play games and none game because the main apps i need is ones where  i can earn paypal money (ONLY PAYPAL) btw  when  tried some that claimed could all apps they refuse to  open and comes up go to microsoft store and search for or simular app. ok microsoft store sucks it dosent have a majority of apps or at least specific apps everybody loves so? i saw a a few money making apps in microsoft app store but idk if have paypal cashout does anybody know that also? it dosent even have the paypal app

um btw if anybody knows any other sources that may work on this without those or any other sites make money on plz tell me .Ive been searching and serching but i cant find much or know whats actuly legite and not a scam

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    First thing you have to do make sure your Microsoft Windows is not set in s mode if it is download the Microsoft app to take the computer out of s mode next go into settings look under security and update and make sure that the developer mode is turned on.

    Now download amiduos which is a real Android setup which you install through windows. There are instructions on the website on where to get the three files to download the Google play store.

    Once you install duos and the Google play store everything will run nicely.

    Another thing that you might want to consider doing is purchase the Android installer off of eBay it'll cost you about $10.

    Install it as a dual boot system with your windows and if you want to be in Android when you start your computer just choose Android and your computer will start up as if it was an Android computer

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