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windows, wipers and radio still work after key is out of ignition. ?

Hello, I have a 2006 dodge dakota. recently, after i shutoff the car and open the door, the radio still stays on when it usually turns off. another thing i noticed is that i can still lower the windows or use the wipers when the key is out and both the passenger and drivers doors are open. lastly this kills my battery overnight. Any ideas on what it could be? i found a fuse that kills power to all three components that i pull every night.  

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    Ignition switch.  Had you bought the car used, some people want it that way so they can listen to the radio with no key in the ignition, so they swap the wiring a continuous hot lead.   2006 and the battery dies overnight because the radio is on?  It is time for a new battery for the car.   

    .   If you have had the car since new and never did the special wiring then it is the ig. switch.  You have to buy new.

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    Sounds like a bad ignition switch.  Replace it.

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    Usually it's a bad drivers door jam switch that is not working if the accessories don't shut off when the door is opened after removing the key from the ignition.

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    It's a dodge - that is 15 years old - nuff said - run forever but the BS problems will drive you insane.

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    Door latch is stuck. Let me be a bit clearer. The door sensor is built into the latch.

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