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Was she being rude?!?

I’m currently in college. I just returned back after being on break. My sister can be kind of a hater sometimes. I don’t go on many dates but I think I’m very pretty and people tell me I am. I’ve only had one bf and I’m talking to a guy right now. He really likes me and I really like him and we met while I was home at the seasonal job I got. I’m coming home for Valentine’s Day because he asked me out and wanted to take me on a date. My sister called me today and was like “how come you didn’t tell me you’re coming home for Valentine’s Day?” And I told her she didn’t ask and it was because I had a date. She then was like “is it that guy you worked with?” And I told her it was and she was like “how did this happen?? First off when did he ask you out?” Im sure my sister thinks I’m pretty but I kind of took offense to this lol. Was this saying how did I get a guy to ask me out? 

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    I think she was just surprised that you didn’t tell her and wanted more details.

  • 1 month ago

    I think you're overreacting. She might have been happy about you coming home because she misses you, and then realized that you're only coming to see this guy.  I don't know how you link this to anything to do with your looks! 

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