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Was my Karate instructor a peado ?

mid 80s, he would accompany us to the changing rooms and spend lengthy time laughing and joking and we'd be like 'why wont he leave?'

then we'd undress and he'd freeze and stare..

looking back at it,  and I am in my late 40s now,  I do wonder about that odd behavior.

I think he had a huge thing for brown and ethnic kids,  he didn't really dig the white ones though he was white himself.

One kid I knew back in that era complained that he kept putting his hand down his karate pants and squeezing his b#tt... but we all laughed about it as did our instructor.

I'm sure hes either dead now or if hes alive he must be in his 90s..

was he a pedophile or was he just immature and foolish with us kids ?

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    Pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent children, not young adults who have sprouted hair in the high and the low places. He was probably just anothe queer.

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