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Stomach Cancer??

Ok, this is going to sound really weird but about 4 days ago I was eating popcorn, and usually after I’m done I lick the butter from inside the popcorn bag. This time for some reason, I ripped the bag apart and started chewing on the pieces of the bag to get all of the flavor out of it. While I was chewing I noticed there was this weird metallic taste in my mouth going down in the back of my throat, and that the roof of my mouth was kind of numb. So I spit it out and throw out the paper only to noice this weird aluminum-like sheet thing in between the walls of the popcorn bag. Anyways, I drink water to get rid of the taste and for some reason my intestines had this slight “burning” sensation. As soon as that happened my stomach started having cramps and I got dizzy, and from that day on, I’ve had gas, belching, and very slight stomach cramps and overall very slight gas pains. I read about the metal

sheet being called a “susceptor” or something, and that microwave popcorn can cause cancer or something, and I’m just wondering if I somehow gave myself stomach cancer overnight or triggered something that is rapidly making a tumor in my stomach grow. I obviously consumed the residue of this weird aluminum sheet and that’s when this all started. Could this be some weird metal poisoning? I’m really scared. I’ve been able to eat and everything but I’m still scared I have cancer!! I know I shouldn’t of ever chewed on the popcorn bag to begin with and I still have no idea why I did.

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    You're not supposed to chew on the aluminum layer inside a popcorn bag. You have aluminum poisoning. You might just as well of lick your underarms after you sprayed underarm deodorant. By the way underarm deodorant is another way to get poisoned by aluminum.

    Yeah friend aluminum is pretty darn poison when it comes into contact with your stomach acid.

    Want to see what happens when aluminum comes into contact with stomach acid?

    Take yourself a little ball of tin foil. And pour a tablespoon of Drano on it. Watch how it goes to smoking!

    That's what you did to your stomach you literally started a fire inside of it now your stomach has blisters and they're getting infected. 

    Hopefully you'll get better.

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    stomach cancer will not just show up in four days

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