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Why didn't my friend get booked into jail despite being in a pursuit as a passenger?

My friend was in a vehicle with his friend who drove. The driver got pulled over for speeding then ran. My friend was telling him to pull over and waved his hands in the air because he was freaking out and under distress. The pursuit lasted a few blocks before the driver crashed. The driver tried to run but was caught and my friend just stayed in the car with hands up. I always though that if a driver bolts that the passenger is always sen as an accomplice. 

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    Police make determinations on a case by case basis.  Apparently THEY don't think like you think and THEY don't think that if the driver bolts the passenger is always "sen" as an accomplice.  Not in my City.

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    Because the police were not stupid and they know he wasn't the one driving.

  • Jas B
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    Presumably your friend persuaded the police that he was not an accomplice with his actions and behaviour, during the incident,  at the scene and later when questioned, he is lucky.

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    If had ran he might be.  If he said he was in fear for his life, usually not.  

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