How come caffeine puts some people to sleep while it keeps others awake?

Is there a reason why caffeine puts some people to sleep while it keeps others awake? 1.) I generally don't like the taste of coffee anyways, but 2.) No matter what I drink plain that has caffeine in and/or espresso in it like coffee, or chai tea for example, both those drinks put me to sleep.

I know for most people when they drink coffee, it keeps them awake. I found this on google about excess caffeine, but I don't drink excess coffee: "When caffeine is in our brain, Worley explains, it adheres to your brain's adenosine receptors. Adenosine is what helps us feel sleepy. So, when caffeine binds to those adenosine receptors, it stops our brain from feeling tired." 

When I've told other people that caffeine and coffee put me to sleep, they ask if I have ADHD and then I'm like, "I don't know," because I've never been tested for it, but the sleepiness with caffeine is more common in ADHD individuals where everyone varies in that aspect. But sugar is what keeps me awake, so if I want my chai tea, I have to add sugar to it to keep myself awake where I was informed that that's another stimulant.

Anyways, is there a reason and a difference as to why caffeine puts some people to sleep and why it keeps others awake?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


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  • CB
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    1 month ago

    If I have a cup or two after dinner I go to sleep just fine but 2am-ish I am wide awake with little hope of getting back to sleep. Hence I don't drink coffee after dinner anymore. I drink it until about 9-10am and don't have any problems with sleep.

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