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Can Tampa Bay and Brady win in the snow in Green Bay?

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    Brady should be OK, as should Gronk and Antonio Brown, thanks to their previous experience in the northeast.  The key will be how the Tampa Linemen and backfield performs in the cold.

    If the Rams failed to get to Rodgers, I don't see Tampa getting to him.  That means they'll have to focus on stopping the running game.  Tampa, meanwhile, must establish their running and short-pass game to open things up for Brady.  I think this one may be decided on a key fumble by a Tampa receiver or back.

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    Brady and Gronk will have no issues with it.It will be his receivers who have to prove they can catch the ball at 20 degrees with snow. Mike Evans has to show up.

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    Quoting Tom Brady: “You won’t catch me dead living in the northeast anymore”.

    Brady sounds like old people who retire in Florida after living a long time in the Midwest or Northeast, he is just too comfortable in the heat nowadays.

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    I do not think so. Aaron Rodgers can play better in snow and cold than Tom Brady can.

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