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Anybody been on here long enough to remember R&P in 2008-2009?


Killer Peaches

Law Man

A Kind Of Magic






And some drama lol

Hope they are doing well these days

R&P Question: Favorite album from 1985?

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    Yes, I remember them. I came here in 2005 or 06, prior to the Rock & Pop sections formation. Pretty sure at that time it was known simply as the 'Music' section or something less specific. If I recall the Rock & Pop section was added 2006.

    I hung around until 2011 or thereabouts. It was getting quite boring, and there were a ton of trolls with multiple accounts. Also, lots of finger pointing by a certain 40+ year old member within your list. This fool also had a chat room full of kids aged 13-16 that worshiped him. When all that crap and drama spilled over into R&P it sort of spoiled anything that was positive about this place.

    On the bright side, I met my wife here in '07. We've been together since 2009 and married in 2011. Life is good :)

    BQ; 'Stella' by Yello.

    Not sure why you felt the need to ask this question anonymously.

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    Definitely not me. I didn't start using Yahoo Answers until 2014, and I think it was a few years after that when I started browsing the Music section.

    @Staap It: It would be time consuming, but you could probably create an Excel spreadsheet for the purpose you're talking about, each band/singer with multiple columns (genres, release dates, etc.). Then you could sort and filter to find things pretty quickly. You might not be entirely serious, but just an idea if you are :-)

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    This question would have been on "page 3" by now.

    Mars Needs Guitars! by Hoodoo Gurus

    Rum Sodomy & The Lash by The Pogues

    Flip Your Wig by Hüsker Dü

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    "Tim" - The Replacements

    "New Day Rising" - Husker Du

    "Up on the Sun" - Meat Puppets

    "State of Our Union" - The Long Ryders

    "Mars Needs Guitars!" - Hoodoo Gurus

    "Across a Crowded Room" - Richard Thompson

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    *** ADDED: THANK YOU Dominique. Yes, Ma'am, I am serious. THANK YOU

    This is why I NEED a way to search my collection. I have alphabetical order, but not genre breakdowns, or dates of release. I have so many CDs how to organize >?

    If I did by SOLELY by date of release how would I find my Royal Trux - Pound for Pound Album ? By date I have 4 of theirs for instance. By genre I would get a headache deciding only ONE genre for MANY bands.

    I have wished someone much smarter then I would write a multiple search parameter data base program. (or what ever the correct term might be) Would make all our lives simpler. On the other hand .... I guess I have survived doing alphabetic for at least 40 years.

    1985 you say ........... can I get back to you ?


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    That was a little before my time on here.

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