How much is this rap cd worth called Syclone Records Raised By The Game?

I listed it on ebay for $100 and it had a watcher in 1 minute 

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    1 month ago

    if you have not tried already maybe go on Ebay and compare prices and price it competitively around the other prices.For example you priced it at 100 if some people have thiers at 50 then 100 is an okay price but in that case i suggest lowering you price just a tiny bit like 90 for  example. if you have done this already and still are unsure on price  i suggest getting  a hold of an except that specializes in music collection history former and current and see what they would price it at.i am not sure but you may have to pay for this service of the expert.

    Personally it is very rare so pricing it at 100 is perfect unless stated above in my answer. But to be honest i am not an expert on this.i can only suggest you to contact one.Make sure they are trustworthy.

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