How to sue police without a lawyer? (Ut)?

Last year I got a fake DUI charge against me dismissed, everything about the charge was falsified and fake. I was injured, had my property stolen and thrown in jail for it. I live in Utah and wish to present my evidence to a jury by myself since lawyers wont take the case.

Is there a manual or someone I could call for assistance representing and suing the police in court on my own?

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    If your damages are $11,000 of less you can sue the defendant in the Small Claims Court in he County you live in. Small claims court is the best option for you, because although you could talk to a lawyer, no lawyers are allowed in the court, so defendant will be without a lawyer too. It can only award money damages, cannot order injunctive relief. Go to small claims and pick up the form and file the case, you can have someone serve the paper on the defendant or have someone do it on your behalf [or via Sherriff, there is a charge for that]. If your property is missing calculate the value of the property. Small claims court in Utah cannot order return of property.     

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    If a lawyer won't take your case, that's a good indication that you don't have a chance at winning.

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    When multiple lawyers won’t take your case, you should take that to mean you have no case. Lawyers don’t usually turn down cases they can win. If an experienced lawyer doesn’t think they can win the case, what makes you think YOU can do better? You’ll likely end up embarrassing yourself and having to pay all the court costs. Just because a charge was dismissed doesn’t mean you necessarily have any case against the police.

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    There is a reason that lawyers will not take the case....

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    Lessee... you lost control of your vehicle and had a single-vehicle accident with open containers of beer in the vehicle which gave the officer probable cause for the DUI charge. 

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