Acustic neuroma, meniere's disease ?

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So here's my story ...

Back in October of 2020 I was having dizzy spells.. the ent thought it was vertigo... had the vertigo test done...confirmed I had veritgo .... she said therapy should help... a month into therapy was getting worse... went back to the ent doctor and she said she wants to get a mri to rule everything out...but it might be meniere's disease... after talking to therapist about it all she brought up acustic neuroma.. after reading about that curious has anyone been through that... or has any of the symptoms I have from dizziness, tiredness, left ear pain ...constant... ringing eposides... very off balance and nausea 

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  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Vertigo comes and goes, I get it, has anyone suggested the Epley Manouvere?  Please look it up, it cured mine for months.

    Therapy? Why? Talking won't cure it, meds will.

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