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What Superbowl matchup does the NFL want to happen?

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    From a "big picture" perspective, I'd say the NFL as a whole would be happy with any combination of the remaining four teams as each offers good long-term returns.  Buffalo and Tampa (outside of Brady) may lack "star power" but allows the NFL to re-energize fan bases in "mid-market" regions.

    From a shorter-term, TV-ratings perspective, I'd rank their preference as follows:

    1) Green Bay / KC

    2) Tampa Bay / KC

    3) Green Bay / Buffalo

    4) Tampa Bay / Buffalo

    Patrick Mahomes is the face of the "new generation" NFL.  If you look at his list of endorsements, you'll see that he appeals to kids and grandparents, teen boys and suburban moms. Besides being an exciting player, his presence will allow the NFL to sell a LOT of stuff to a wide range of people.

    I think Green Bay / KC matchup would have the broadest appeal. Brady has star power, but I think a lot of fans harbor a bit of "Brady fatigue" and Tampa Bay as a whole still doesn't appeal to older football fans.

    Either Buffalo matchup could only be sold as "Old vs. Young" or "Established Veterans vs. Young Upstarts."  A nice story line to be sure, but not one that's going to sell across a broad audience.

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    I'm pulling for cheese(GB) vs. buffalo wings(BUF) in the Super Bowl.  

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    This is one year when the NFL cares less about who is in because travel and attendence at the game is going to be limited no matter which teams make it.

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    Kansas City verses Green Bay.

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    Bucs and Bills.

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    Doesn't matter the NFL  is not regional nor driven by one player like James  or the other pro sports are MLB is the worst without the Yankees in it forget it the rating will stink but then again not sure it matters anymore baseball is a lost sport .

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    This year there's no wrong answer, since all 4 teams have great story lines and plenty of narrative for people to talk about for the 2 weeks leading up to the game:

    KC Chiefs - They have the hottest young QB who is expected to be the face of the league for the next decade and they could become the first team in almost 20 years to win back to back titles which would officially make them the next dynasty.

    Buffalo Bills - they have a star QB who looks like he'll be very good for years to come and would probably win the league's "most improved" award if there was such a thing. Last season there were questions about whether or not Josh Allen would last beyond his rookie contract and now it seems like a done deal that he'll be the franchise QB in Buffalo for years to come. And the Bills haven't made it to the Superbowl since 1994 so there's a great story if they finally make it back.

    Green Bay - You have the star QB and presumptive MVP who was looking like maybe he was beginning to decline but has proven that he's still a top tier QB. The Packers have been among the league's best teams for a long long time but through a variety of playoff heartbreaks they've now gone a full decade without reaching the Superbowl so its about time they shake off the bad luck and get back before Aarron Rogers gets any older.

    Tampa Bay - you have the QB most people consider the best of all time and he's breaking every conventional limit on how old someone can be and still be successful in the NFL at any position other than punter or kicker. Hell, even most punters and kickers are forced into retirement by the time they're as old as Brady. A SB run would prove once and for all that Brady is a great QB and not just a decent QB who was lucky enough to land in New England with a great coach and defense in a weak division. it would also end a 17 year SB drought for Tampa Bay and be the first time in NFL history that a team plays a Superbowl in their home stadium.

    My personal prediction is that it will be Packers vs Chiefs. I just don't foresee the Bucs defense being able to stop the Packers and I don't think Josh Allen is going to be able to keep up with Patrick Mahomes on the road. But no matter what happens there's a great story line this year.

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    Mahomes on the AFC, they like Josh Allen, but aren't convinced he'll live up to the Mahomes-Allen rivalry narrative yet. And Buffalo is one of the smallest markets- not that KC is that much bigger. They are fine with either Brady or Rodgers in the NFC but would probably prefer Brady ever so slightly. Kind of a tossup in that they'll have Rodgers to market for longer, but Brady is the better story right now and involves 2 major markets in Tampa and Boston.

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    Lesser leagues would say they want larger markets.  In this case, none of the teams is from a big market.  But the Super Bowl is something that is watched by everyone regardless of whether their team is in the game.  I'm sure the NFL would prefer the better QB matchup, so Chiefs/Packers would probably be a bit sexier, but I doubt they care much.  Especially this year.

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    Green Bay vs Kansas City.  Buffalo would be a good story but it's a small market and it doesn't have the rabid out-of-state following that GB has, so KC probably gets the nod.  Tampa is interesting but we've seen Brady vs Mahomes before - Rodgers vs Mahomes is what the NFL wants.  That's why you're going to see a buttload of "Roughing the Rodgers" and other ticky-tack penalties on the Bucs of Sunday's game gets at all close.

    The AFC is tougher to guarantee since KC was there last year.  The injury to Mahomes makes things extra dicey - the NFL isn't going to bend over backwards to usher KC into the SB if their biggest star is a risk of not playing.  But Rodgers and the Pack will be officiated into the NFC berth, guaranteed.  Unless they just go out and totally stink it up, like they did vs Atlanta 4 years ago, or the Giants back in 2011/2012, or if they completely forget to play the last 4 minutes like they did vs Seattle after the refs did everything they could to set up a Packer win.  Even the refs can't help you if you take a knee on a sure-fire TD INT return and botch an onsides kick recovery.  The NFL works by nudging games - they can't completely fix them.

    But GB is actually good this year, so with the refs help they should be able to win comfortably.

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