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What is the law for shooting tresspassers and if some one shoots next to you from the property line as if to intimidate ?

These meth heads next door tresspass, but then act like we cant go in our own yard too close to their side. Yet they made their whole trailer set up right by our property line. They even took over about 5 feet of our land for a walking path. 

They've destroyed our shed and the neighbors, the cops dont care.

They walk through peoples land and illegally hunt. 

I'm sick of it.

I cant afford to fence 9 acres right now. 


I dont want to go to jail. They let their pit bulls loose a lot too.

I'm in the country. 

I put up no tresspassing signs and they tore them down.

I might just consider moving. 

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    If you don't have legal grounds to shoot the person, you don't have legal grounds to wire a warning shot.

    Contact a local attorney about what you can and can't legally do.

  • Gary
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    2 months ago

    They sure sound A LOT like the LIEberal left socialist demoCROOKS that are trying to get away with they're coup to takeover our entire country! They're breaking a MULTITUDE of laws but the LEO's and courts keep protecting the criminals. I would STRONGLY suggest collecting as much evidence as possible of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING illegal they're doing and also buy a GOOD body camera and wear it ANYTIME you MIGHT interact with them and retain ANY video proof AND if you have ANY neighbors that are also having problems with these people help each other and share info just in case you are forced to defend your life and/or property using deadly force so you can defend yourself in court! Remember in our current political climate a demoCROOK can get away with MURDER but a conservative can't even pick a booger out of they're own nose without being accused of a crime!

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    2 months ago

    Sorry to say, no one here can even begin to help you since you do not say where you reside.   Laws vary widely from US state to state (assume you are in US).    Some places even if a person breaks into your home... you cannot legal shoot them unless they pose a grave and immediate risk to you or your family's safety.    Other places if you shoot them on the front porch, but drag them inside, you are okay (old Texas joke).

    That said - morally - do you really want to have to live with shooting another human being?  No matter how frustrated you are, no matter how wrong they are, no matter if you are legally within your rights..... is it really worth it?

    Best to bring as much of the law to bear as you can.  Defend your life and limb IF it comes to that... but otherwise keep calling police, the local authorities for the property issues, etc.  OR... give up and move.

    Now all that said... not sure what you mean by "if someone shoots next to you."  IF by that you mean they point a gun in your direction and fire... but they were aiming some 3 feet away from you.... THAT is still assult with a deadly or terroristic threatening.  Maybe even a gun discharge vio depending upon your local laws.   Call the cops.  They WILL respond.  

    Good security cams are somewhat pricey, but cheaper than moving or fencing nine acres (which can be torn down or scaled).   Put them up, record their "show" and you have more evidence to show the cops.   

    Know this is frustrating for you and you have my sympathies.  Try to resist dealing with the issue with violence if you can.  Good luck.

  • 2 months ago

    Civil issue.  You need to get the property surveyed, call code enforcement if they are encroaching on the setback, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Since they are not inclined to obey the law, they are at a distinct advantage.  Your best bet is to move.  Of course, if you do, they will move into whatever you leave.  So, sell it all at a cheaper price and get out with what you can.  No one in American society should expect to put down roots that will last for your entire life.  And, the projection is for it to only get worse.

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