Can anyone please help me find this anime pic?

There's this pic I saw on star literally  like probably 13 years ago now. I am no longer in contact with the blond white but still somehow allegedly Samoan guy named Jake who was on the website when I saw it. The pic was part of a gallery and was titled "Headphones" another pic in the gallery was "boobkick" and that one had girls in one piece red swimsuits standing by a pool and one was leaping up in victory and accidentally kicking another girl's boob. But the pic I'm looking for was "headphones" and had an anime girl with short, gray hair, gray eyes, a potato chip in her mouth, and headphones. She had big boobs and was lying on her stomach reading a magazine while wearing only grey panties and no bra. I thought about joining Stardestroyer myself to ask about it but my browser says that site is "Not Secure".

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