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My Asian family is trying to wreck my relationship with my white boyfriend.  He is becoming uncomfortable? ?

To start off, I am not talking about my immediate family.  My parents are totally supportive and they like my boyfriend a lot.  We’re only in high school (17 and 18), but it seems like my other relatives- some of my female cousins who are WAY older than he is are becoming a big problem.  I’m talking late twenties, and early thirties and they aren’t married which is maybe why they act the way they do.  Every time I bring him around, they eye us and make dirty faces.  But when I’m not around, they compliment and flirt with him.  One even did it while we were out at a restaurant with me a few feet away!  This has happened so much even my mom pointed it out to me and told them to cut it out.  What really pisses me off is they have started to talk behind my back, saying things like we shouldn’t be together, or why is he with me, etc.  I have known my bf since childhood and he did grow up beautiful, but for gods sake these women are twice his age.  I’m literally their baby cousin, how could they try and go at him like this?  It’s disturbing more than anything and he’s even asked to skip the next family gathering bc of this, which I completely understand.  I really don’t know what to do bc the next time this happens, someone is getting their hair pulled out. 

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    Violence is clearly never the answer. But if your kin is like many Asian families they value education so perhaps some of this is just them thinking you're too young to be having a serious boyfriend. It is a statistical fact that kids who get involved in romantic relationships in high school generally do poorer with their studies than those who don't try to date at such a young age. 

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    It is your family and you have to take control.  I made it very clear that my wife comes first.  Always.  If I had to turn my back on my family I would do that in an instant.  When they believe you have this resolve they don't dare push their luck.

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