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I need help my cat is a BULLY?

My cat is 15 years old and in great health. My dog is 14 years old, and in poorer health, but still enjoying life etc.

My cat is a bully!! I don't understand WHY but I need it to stop. Ever since my dog has declined, my cat has hissed at her more, swatted at her, and pees on all her beds. I'm getting tired of it. I give my cat lots of attention. My cat sleeps in my bed with me all night, not my dog. And my cat sits in my lap whenever she wants and I pet her and play with her. So I can't understand if this is a jealousy issue. Aside from her walks, my dog basically just sleeps and eats. My cat stays inside only. 

My cat and dog have never been "friends" but they never fought either. I had another dog who the cat used to bully, he died 5 years ago. The cat used to pee on wherever he slept too and bully him out of his bed. When he died, my cat never touched his bed again (I left his bed out for quite a while after he died).

This has to stop, I buy a new bed, she pees all over it, I'm tired of the urine smell and her behavior. My cat has a large, private litter box that I clean out every day. The dog can't get to her litter because it's gated with the gate door only big enough for her and my dog is never around it anyway.

Need suggestions please. I will NOT shut my dog up in one room alone away from my cat.


Also- I've tried spraying water at my cat whenever she hisses at my dog, or telling her "no" but it has not worked one bit. 

Update 2:

Both my cat and dog go to the vet regularly. My cat is in perfect health, not even arthritic yet.

Update 3:

Oh btw, I have a noncontact infrared thermometer since I work at a hospital. It's not as accurate as a rectal temp, but I can see when my animals have higher or lower than normal temps.

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  • It sounds like the cat is trying to come to terms with its sexuality. All its life it was told it had to be with another cat, but it realizes its sexually attracted to your dog. It now is lashing out at the dog because its fighting that urge and is conflicted. Give it a few more weeks and the cat will be banging the dog and all will be well.

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    The cat probably hates dogs.

    I hate dogs too. 

    I suggest you get rid of the dogs and see if the cats behaviour changes. 

    Good luck. 

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    Talk to your vet and research this online (not here). It sounds like this might be a psychological reaction to your dog's declining state :( I saw this happen once with dogs, actually so I might be of no help. But when one of our dogs was falling ill, the other dogs ganged up on him :( It was so sad to see but I think it's sort of an automatic evolutionary response. Maybe someone can look after you cat for a while, while you deal with your dog. 

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    I'd get rid of the cat.   Once cats start peeing outside of the box, it becomes a habit.   Cats aren't really "litter trained"..  they toilet where they prefer.  Most just prefer to use a spot they can dig.   This cat prefers beds.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That is not bullying behavior. Your cat is exhibiting defensive behavior. That means your cat is scared of the dog and wants to keep the dog from getting too close to it. Your cat is entitled to its catsonal space. Dogs are dumb, and they do not understand the concept of personal space. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    get a water pistol and squirt the cat when she does something bad.. She may sense he is not well and is bullying him because she never liked him.

  • Beth
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    1 month ago

    The dog's scent is changing as it gets ready to die. Your cat is trying to drive away the dog. One of my childhood cats did this when the older cat became sick and was close to passing.

    Cats are not big on empathy, so this is not surprising. My super-sweet adorable younger cat seemed quite pleased when an older cat was dying. She kept hitting the elderly cat and I had to make her go away. Then, she was purring when the older cat was passed away. I can't say why they are like this.

    You can try using a diffuser with lavender oil or you can try products that are supposed to mimic cat pheromones, to calm the cat. I have had modest success with lessening cat bullying (not involving dogs or illness) with the product LICKS Zen for Cats. This product calms all of my cats, but they really dislike the taste (it's supposed to taste like meat, but they don't think it does), and I have to trick them or lock them in the bathroom so that I can corner them to wipe the gravy on their paws.

    You can also try locking up the cat with its bed, food, water, and litter box in a bedroom, bathroom, or small room with a window. You could alternate having the dog out with you, then having the cat out with you.

  • PR
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    1 month ago

    Have your cat checked for a bladder infection. If she is not spayed, get that done. Cats who are in pain, or sick, can act this way. Get the cat to the vet. You can only state your cat is "in great health", if the vet confirms this. You cannot diagnose your cat and you likely can't even check your cat for a temperature. 

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