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How do I stop Windows 10 from closing Google Chrome when I shut my laptop down?

Hello! I have a laptop running Windows 10. When I shut it down, it closes Google Chrome, meaning when I want to use my laptop again, I have to re-open Google Chrome and load all the tabs. The tabs DO automatically open, but they still have to load, and I have several tabs open so this can be annoying. On my old laptop, if I shut it down and started it up again, Google Chrome would still be ready for me like I never did anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Look at the power settings and change the "When I close my l..." to sleep or hibernate

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    When you power down any computer, any operating system, all programs are closed.

    On your old laptop you must not have been turning it off; but had the power button set to Sleep Mode or Hibernate  mode, which does not close down any open programs.

    Windows 10 is a little different than Windows 7.   It's Shut Down button does exactly that, Turns the power off.  With Windows 7 you could set the power button to different modes.

    With Windows 10 if you want to SLEEP, then Right click on START and in the pop up menu look at the "Shut Down or Sign Out" sub menu for SLEEP.

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