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Toe and foot numb, help please ?

I had left knee surgery 29 days ago. When I had that he also revised an ankle scar. Since then and it’s getting worse the top of my foot near my big toe is numb and tingling. It is like this all the time. Not just when I’m in my ankle brace. It also pops when I move it. It’s on the top not near the incision although the previous surgery did deal with the muscle that moves the big toe. What could this be. It hurts all the time and hurts to sleep with.  When I touch it, it’s numb and tingling.

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    1 month ago

    it is normal for an area to be numb after surgery, the nerves have been cut. The tingling means it is coming back to life. I had the same after a knee replacement. This can last for weeks. Are you taking painkillers?

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