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Should I go to my friends small gathering even though she is younger?

My friend is inviting me to her 21st birthday and there will be about 10 people there at her house. We have to test negative before we go due to covid. But anyways, I’m 30 years old and her friends will probably be 20-23 years old. I look younger and don’t look 30 and she said she would be happy if I go. But I just worry I may be old? They will have drinking games and drinks there 

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    It might be a little weird, but since you're friends, why not? Just have fun and try not to do anything crazy. You're just going to support and celebrate her, which what really matters. If anything, it would make her day that much better. 

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    1 month ago

    The age difference is not all that large but it depends on whether YOU would feel uncomfortable.  If you are having doubts about it then say thanks for the invitation but that you will not be attending - add whatever reason you wish.

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    Do not go to the party.  You are 30..they are children to you.

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