Difference between the ELEGOO Mars 3D Printers?

So I'm looking at four of Elegoo's 3D printers; The Orignal Mars, Mars Pro, Mars 2 Pro, and the Mars 2 (Green). Just looking at them from afar, they all look the same besides Mars 2 who is green. I hear both Pros move faster but not really? What does that mean?  I found some Technical Specifications on all of them but again was told those don't matter for 3D printers? Heard the Pro 2 has an active carbon filter which was told sucks (I think that's true because the Mars 2 doesn't have it). Lastly saw a comparison between Orignal, Pro, and Pro 2.  I see a lot focusing on those three but none on the Mars 2 Green.  I've noticed it's the newest of the four, which again makes no sense.  The price for Mars 2 is less than both Pros, so even though it is the newest it's not as good?  If you couldn't tell I am very new to 3D printing and was looking at the Mars 2 but then noticed it had look likes.  Really I'm looking for more information on Mars 2, compare it to the Pros, more knowledge on 3D printing, and why do all four of these sound like the same machine. Mainly getting info from Thomas Sanladerer and Uncle Jessy from Youtube. 

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