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What do you think about gnostic scriptures ?

Your official bible isnt the whole story, there's even parts missing from a gospel


There's gnostic scriptures that predate the new testament 

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    Gnostic Gospels, for all intents and purposes, are the truth. 

    They inform us of history in a more accurate way, and they 

    do not allow anyone to succumb to the flaws and the crap 

    which was espoused by a lunatic named Jesus Christ who 

    is given life in a good number of its texts, but never becomes 

    necessary for anything beyond him to continue.

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    Anything that's allegedly missing from the Bible is supplied by and through the Holy Catholic Church. The gnostic works are not scripture and they're not even very good "knock-offs" of genuine Scripture. 

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    I don't have a Bible or set of scriptures and you should use "canonical" or "cannon" rather than "official" 

    But yes, there are a number of "gospels" and other writings that are not included in the mainstream Bible and many very old sects don't include all the books that  the mainstream religion does.


    Oh, ****, when I said "I don't have a Bible", I meant I don't follow it  or any scripture. I do have and have read the Bible in multiple translations and paraphrases.

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    My Bible? I was unaware that I had one.

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    The gnostic gospels are late and fake!

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