22 and want to move out, but my parents said no. How to go about moving out in a year without parents hating me. They might thought.? ?

To start off I have been wanting to move out for a while now. I can move soon with someone I have been dating for three years . He has a house  he rents with two roommates that are engaged. They all live a few hours away from me and both  said they would love for me go down and be with him (luke). Thing is my mom is not happy about it. She wants me to not date him because he has schizoaffective disorder. I know that can be hard to deal with, but even so he makes me so happy. Whenever he talks to me and we video chat or how  he tries to even just take care of me the best he can. He really makes me the happiest girl. I know my mom has her opinions and wants me safe I do . I knows I can’t drive because of me being partly blind which is a factor as well . So I can’t drive yet until my eye gets better. I know she cares and everything, but I really do love him anyways. How would I go about moving down with them without my parents getting in the way. I would have to sneak out my stuff because I tried talking to them and they said “no your not going “z well I am 22 so they can not stop me right. They would still try to stop me at all cost. Maybe even be upset very upset at me for a while. Just what honest options here. 


Also if I tell my mom I want to movie with roommates girls instead she’ll say no as well. My friends say she’s controlling so I should just do this for my own happiness! 

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  • 2 months ago

    I highly recommend that you move out with female roommates, not your bf. You need to be on your own setting your own timetable, your own timeline, your own music play, your own development of YOUR talents and hobbies and friendgroup... not as an add-on to your boyfriend. I strongly suggest you move out on your OWN, not as your boyfriend's gal. 

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