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Why reply back then delete the messages?

I dm’d a ex recently. Asking if he’d like to talk about how we have been doing. Just to be friends as we weren’t technically fully together. We had no problem being friends. Anyways he replies and I was too busy at work to reply back. In the middle of the night he unsends his reply on Instagram dm. So I go back. Leave it. For days he would continuously view all my posts and Instagram stories. Two days later I text him saying hey I was gonna reply! He reads it immediately. Continues viewing my stories etc. the next day however it stops he stops looking at my posts and stories. I’ve basically been ghosted after he kept showing interest... or what I assume is interest. Why would that be? I know I should just ask him but I already double texted. Why did he delete his reply and continue basically stalking my page without following? 

Isn’t that childish... 

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    I think that what has happened is that because you did not reply to this guy immediately, he has become upset and decided to ghost you. Basically, he has interpreted you not replying instantly as not being fully committed to him. This is not necessarily childish but a misinterpretation of an innocuous situation - you could not reply because you were busy. Your ex now expects you to reply to him in order to show him that you are still interested. What I would do is message him and explain to him your reasons for not being able to reply immediately and that you would still like to be friends etc.

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