Okay so I am 20 years old and kinda failing at life, but today I got a call for an interview at a daycare. I thought it was perfect and was so excited until she mentioned that I need to bring in my high school diploma. which I do not have. but I found out that due to covid you can take it online for only $145. I am dead broke but I am curious if anyone knows if I can go to the interview and let her know that I can get my GED right away if I can just work to be able to afford it or because it's a daycare are they pretty strict on those things

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  • 2 months ago

    Please know that you're *not* failing at life, though getting a GED (general educational development) certificate is a great first step to obtaining employment.  Most employers require at least a GED certificate or high school diploma.  

    Taking the GED test usually requires studying and preparation, so even with the money, you still may benefit from taking GED classes and/or using a GED study guide to help prepare.

    Someone mentioned perhaps your parents lending you the money.  Perhaps you can give them an IOU (I owe you) promissory note ("in writing") that you'll pay them back within a certain time period, if even, to first start taking GED classes.

    For GED classes, the local community college or "county" public vo-tech school may offer such GED prep classes.

    Perhaps you can also make some additional money by going "old school," such as offering to wash neighbors' cars (and/or vacuuming the interior, if *not* raining), mowing neighbors' lawns, shoveling snow, dog walking (if have a love for dogs), and/or babysitting for neighbors' children.

    For more general info re: the GED & FAQs (including GED test fraud):

    The aforementioned site has more general info re: the GED test subjects:

    Their website has more general info re: taking the GED test online, too:

    For U.S. community colleges (which may offer GED classes, such as through their "non-credit" or "continuing education" course list):

    Just an fyi that some daycare jobs may prefer or require job applicants with certification in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).  It may not be a given, especially for a private day care (rather than public school), but just something to consider, if even, in the near future.  In addition, First Aid certification may be an asset, too, and can be added to one's resume as well.

  • 2 months ago

    They won't hire you without it.  Why do you think they told you that you need to bring it in?  And they will check it out so you can't fake it.  Look elsewhere for a job.  Generally, nobody at all will hire anyone without a GED.  It's the most basic of childhood educations.  Even fast food requires a GED.  Will your parents lend you the money?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You don't know you will pass it even if you had the $145.  If they want you to bring it with you I think they would be pretty strict on that.

  • 2 months ago

    Contact the GED program in your area to see if there is fee waiver system and the process to get your GED.  There are probably some mandatory classroom time before taking the test. 

    If you don't have your GED, don't go on the interview.  You will burn bridges for the future.  They clearly told you that your HS Dip/GED is needed before interviewing.  Not having it and going anyway is wasting their time.

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