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Wife says she needs space, what does that even mean?

On New Year’s Eve my wife and I got in a huge fight in front of my sister in law. My sister in law is 16, so she told my in laws about what conspired. My in laws immediately took my side and talked to me about the incident and how I need to stand up to my wife more and such. Not that I’m a pushover or a SIMP I just get annoyed an d go along with what my wife says. Yesterday afternoon my wife slapped me across the face fairly hard for no reason “other than to joke” but it was hard enough to knock my glasses off. I got extremely annoyed, she was sitting on my lap so I stood up and picked her up, I didn’t slam her or anything I just set her down and said “I’m tired of this bullshit and I’m tired of you disrespecting Me”. She then went to her car and drove off for like an hour. She came home and continued insulting me. Calling me an asshole, such a dick, stupid, and that I’m “abusive” she then invited the neighbor over. I was in bed and it was about 5 am and our neighbor was still at our house, and my wife woke me up and asked me to walk her home. I was extremely annoyed after that. My wife climbs into beg and begins to kick me saying “massage my legs” several times. I keep telling her to stop and that I don’t wanna touch her after how she acted towards me earlier in the day. I eventually yelled “CAN YOU ******* STOP?” After that she packed a suite case and said she was leaving me. She returned back home an hour later and said she needed space. What does she mean by that?


For the top comment, she woke me up to walk the neighbor home!! 

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    If you can't get her to agree to marriage counseling then file for divorce. Also stop involving the in-laws, that's the fastest way to destroy a marriage. 

  • 1 month ago

    All of her actions seemed designed to force YOU to take the first steps towards divorce so she can play the victim and put the blame on you. I'd do that anyway because she deserves it. Slapping you calling you names, leaving you when she started it, treating you like her slave, etc. She is looking for an out. Give it to her. 

  • 1 month ago

    She figured out that she needs to live in the house and wants you to leave, bro don't allow her to continue to treat you like that, divorce her. 

  • 1 month ago

    She came back and said she needed "space". That could be a stance that she wants you to leave. I suggest you tell her to pack her suitcase back up and go find it. If you want to stay in the home, don't move out to give her space. Require that SHE move out to find the space she needs. It's important that you two face the fact your marriage is on the edge. DO take a stand on it. 

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  • kristy
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    2 months ago

    She invited the neighbor over then wanted you to walk her home. She’s already at home. Edit your fantasy stories before you post them.

  • T J
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    2 months ago

    Show her, get a divorce.

  • enn
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    2 months ago

    Well.... if you really want to know...... I think both of you are really immature people who do not know how to treat anyone with kindness or respect. If you really care about each other as people, you would treat each other as people, even within a marriage. It means you treat another human being with respect, you treat one another with kindness, you treat each other as if you were very good or best friends instead of battling each other like constantly snarling dogs or barely tolerable cats. This sounds like a catfight, not two humans able to reasonably talk to each other or treat each other as if they love each other. Hence, immature. Two mature people sit down and talk it out with reason, with give and take, with love and concern for one another. Two people who love each other go out of their way to treat the other with kindness, would never seek to hurt the other, or destroy the love between them Don't believe me? I have been married to my spouse for 25+ years now and we rarely fight, and never at all like this. We married in our 20s and at the start made a commitment to each other to treat each other with kindness and concern.Yes, we have had our disagreements, but part of "real love" includes forgiveness, being willing to meet in the middle, to compromise, and to respect each other. AND this is where both of you are failing and immature. If this is how you treat each other, well, where is the love even at all?

    If I could, I would tell you to re-assess how you feel about this person, and how you yourself would want to be treated as a person, and how you could treat her as a person. and then make some sincere changes. There is a really good movie called "Fireproof", where a couple are going through similar treatment of each other and both learn how to make changes to make their marriage worth something to each other. I suggest you look it up and get some guidance on how to become a grownup and take responsibility for your own actions in this relationship and find out if your marriage is worth saving. Good luck, but, learn how to become a better husband to your wife if she is worth the effort.

  • 2 months ago

    It means get a lawyer. 

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