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How much should a Siberian husky puppy cost for adoption ?

I saw a supposedly purebred Siberian husky listed on Craigslist. 6 weeks old. For 200 dollars. 

Does a 200 dollar adoption fee sound odd for a purebred Husky?

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    For an adoption fee from a bona fide 501-C rescue group who will have done a neuter or spay, provided shots, started puppy on heartworm prevention and flea control and started or completed: housebreaking and crate training, NO $200 is a normal to LOW price.  However $200 from a recognized legit county (tax-supported) dog shelter $200 is a bit HIGH, esp since puppy will only have a spay or neuter & some shots; likely NOTHING else.  (My shelter only charges $75 in a major city, btw.)  NEITHER of these places uses Craigslist - don't you wonder why that is?????

    But I notice sometimes OP like you use terms incorrectly and it is NOT an adoption (per se) if you are getting the dog from a breeder or it is being RE-HOMED by its owner.  Under such circumstances - it is a VERY LOW price and a LOT of questions should be asked FIRST.  Like....  does it have any shots, does it come with registration papers to PROVE it is purebred?  Is it house broken, crate-trained, has it seen a vet and do they have or can they provide a written vet evaluation on health?

    The majority of "sales" of animals on Cragislist is a RIP-OFF and a great way to get ROBBED (or possibly something worse occurring - BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!)  It is the last place on EARTH - I would  ever try to get a dog.  As others (online) have advised plan the "meet" in front of a POLICE STATION (with lots of cameras) if you think it is legit.

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    "Adoption" fee?  That's a BUYING fee.  It's a backyard breeder not a shelter.

    You will NEVER find a Siberian husky that cheap or even most mutt puppies that cheap.  The puppies don't exist.  I bet if you right clicked and searched the image you'll find them all over the internet because they're not their pics.  

    Are you REALLY this gullible?

  • TK
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    2 months ago

    Anyone who cares about where the animal is going will not advertise on Craigslist.  Selling a six week old puppy is illegal in many states.  People will sell a dog for however much they can get, and they can usually get a lot if they call it an "adoption".  

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    If you found it on Craig's list it came from a BYBer & is not a good quality dog.  No responsible breeder would sell from Craig's list.  It has to be a low life BYBer selling this pup.  Reputable breeders do not let their puppies go until they are a full 8 weeks old.  You will be getting a low quality dog at that price.  If you just want a pet, it is a good price but they are still charging too much for this little mutt.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Never buy a puppy from Craigslist.  Always buy from reputable breed of get from a reputable rescue center. 

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    It's either a mutt they are trying to pass off as a purebred..  or it's a scam and there is no puppy

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    That sounds cheap for a purebred dog. It’s either a complete scam, or they don’t have proper AKC paperwork to prove it. You can always ask them about it and ask why it’s so cheap. Look up typical prices for your area so you have a good comparison. If you ask, they may be honest and tell you what’s up. But if something sounds too good to be true, it is. If you don’t plan to breed the dog, you don’t really need AKC papers. You just need a puppy that will love you unconditionally. You don’t need a purebred with papers for that. 

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    Craigslist is LOADED with scams, and especially now, with the pandemic in full swing and many people seeking a cuddly pet to keep them company. The people placing the ads often do not even have a dog, at all. They post ads, put cute pictures in the ads, and a great description. They may tell how they got the dog/puppy and then could not care for it due to work/health problems/too busy/allergies. They, ultimately, will ask for a deposit, or a shipping fee, even if the animal was first advertised for free or at low cost. 

    They often even live in a country totally different from where the ad has been posted, or have the same/similar ad posted in other cities.

    Once you have given them your money, you will not hear from them, again. They may also be "fishing" for sensitive information from you in order to take advantage of you, or ask you to respond to a "code".

    If you plan on responding to an ad like this, do not give any personal information; do not respond to a CODE; do not give any money.

    Unless and until you have a dog right there in front of you, consider this a scam ad and proceed with extreme caution. You might sometimes also notice the ads seem pieced together with odd details, or the person cannot communicate very well, or they sometimes add lots of odd characters in the ads (but not always), such as ** ## !!. 

    Again: Proceed with caution; no money or information unless you have a dog in front of you.

    Consider contacting a rescue league or go to the site, "Petfinder". This site represents shelters and rescue leagues. They have to be properly registered to be on the site.

    By the way: A puppy of six weeks is too young to be adopted. It will not have had any vaccinations, and can easily die of Parvo because of that. It will not be properly socialized yet, either. It needs to be with the mother dog at least until 8 or 10 weeks. 

    Look up: Craigslist pet scams

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    it probably looks siberian husky but is probably a mix.It could even be stolen who knows

  • Kerri
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    2 months ago

    It may be purebred but won’t have registration papers at $200. Closer to $750 if registered.

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