How do I get over this?

Recently, I stopped being friends with a guy. Let's call him Lee. I really enjoyed being friends with him. However, he was coming between me and my boyfriend. He kept flirting with me and asking for a chance. I would tell him no, but he kept insisting. He even asked me to have sex with him. I was shocked and I got triggered at that point so I blocked him on social media and stopped talking to him completely. He wasn't like that during the two years of our friendship, it was only recent. I saw Lee today while I was in a car adventure with my boyfriend. I broke down and as I'm writing this, I still feel sad. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to move on. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Seems to me like he was just being your friend in order to try to get in your pants and, in this case, played the long game. Most people also tend to want what they can't have. If he were a real friend, after he asked the first time and you turned him down, he would have just let it go and you would have continued on as friends. But since he didn't, he wasn't a real friend. That's how you move on. You realize that he had ulterior motives to being you friend, and that he isn't really as nice of a person as he made himself out to be. I'm assuming he also didn't like or wasn't friends with your boyfriend either, because most guys would respect the bounds of your relationship and not try to pressure you into betraying your partner. You did good by blocking him and halting all contact with him. So try not to be sad, because he is someone you don't want or need in your life. You deserve better people in your life, and friends who actually care about and respect you. This is all on him, so take some deep breathes, and just try to put it out of your mind, as he is not worth your time or energy or tears. Hope this helps.

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    just try to think about something else

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    1 month ago

    Having to move on from a friend is never a pleasant experience. However, what you need to remind yourself is that there was a logical reason for your decision and that if you didn't act then you may have lost your boyfriend. With that being said, I always believe that there is room for forgiveness. What you could do is consider reaching out to Lee and look to resolve these complications. Remember, there is every chance that he could have matured and developed a respect for boundaries. If you do make the decision to get in contact with him and rekindle your friendship, be sure to take things slow until you are completely sure of what his intentions are. I really hope this helps :)

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