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why is canabalism so frowned upon in the west and why doesn’t cultural relativism allow us to eat other people ?


Natives all over th world did it a few generations ago, in PNG they still do it. So why can’t we do it too

Update 2:

Any evidence armorour

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anon- incorrect , u have been conditioned to have false thoughts of human consumption , the rates are much greater than what you mentioned. You need to unlearn what you think you know. 

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    The best reason is that humans can give diseases to other humans if the meet is not correctly processed.

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    Plus we could feed the poor.

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    Cannibalism was practiced in Europe. It was not legal, but it was practiced. In contrast, many countries in Asia would not allow cannibalism because of the dominance of religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, which  discourage killing animals and eating meat. Europeans have no qualms about eating meat and they in fact tend to have a protein-rich meat based diet. Judaism and Christianity of course forbids murder, but there is no explicit prohibition on scavenging human remains. As a result, when meat is in short supply, some Europeans would resort to eating horses, dogs, and even human remains.  

    Archaeological evidence shows that European explorers such as those who went to the Arctic and to America practiced cannibalism. Human skeletal remains of some early European settlements in North America show cut marks made by knives. These early settlers often faced starvation, and cannibalism provides them with the only food to sustain themselves. 

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    Where to even begin with this ridiculousness... Firstly, human beings make for a very inefficient food source. The average human being yields less than 3 kilograms of meat. The average carcass weight of a slaughtered cow is 350 kilograms. While not all of that is meat, it's clear that domesticated animals yield much more meat than human beings can, making them a much more efficient food source. 

    Secondly, human beings are intelligent animals. One cannot simply put a human being behind a simple fence and expect that the human being will still be there the following morning. Human beings are capable of communicating with one another and are thus capable of devising and executing complex plans, making them difficult to keep. To go a step further, human beings mature at a much slower rate than other domesticable animals. While a fully matured adult male human might yield 3 kilograms of meat, females and young humans will yield much less, yet humans cannot mature without existing on a varied diet that would require the person raising that human to expend an incredible amount of food over the course of decades to be able to extract even a modest amount of meat. It's completely inefficient. 

    Think about the moral objections people have across the world when it comes to eating certain living things. Many people in Western countries are horrified and disgusted by the thought of eating what people in other societies eat on a regular basis. We have been conditioned to think of cats and dogs as pets, yet they are consumed in some societies where the people cannot fathom why people would be so turned off by the idea. 

    Lastly, even in those societies where cannibalism was not completely taboo, it has mostly been reserved for ritualistic or ceremonial purposes or only practiced during lean times when other food sources weren't available. In some societies, prisoners of war could be eaten, but people belonging to one's own tribe or to tribes aligned with one's own were off the table, so to speak. Most human beings wouldn't be able to deal with the psychological effects of consuming human flesh. Most people who had no choice but to resort to cannibalism in survival situations suffer from severe psychological trauma for the rest of their lives afterwards.  

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    the Japanese Officers ate Australian Troops in WW2

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    cause its not good to eat people

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    Human beings are supposed to have the ability to reason and should have respect for life, not see others as dinner.

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