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was Donald Trump just "Controlled opposition" and really he was in agreement with "The Swamp's" policies?

that is what i am suspecting now. he was offered a "Deal" at the end to kind of play along with the stolen election and not really use any of his executive powers that he could have used ,,,why?

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    Putting aside the fact that Trump lost an honest election, Trump was not controlled opposition.

    But anybody who looked at Trump the businessman knew that Trump was dishonest.  While there are some swampy elements to D.C., he was never going to clean up the swamp.  Instead, he was going to make things worse by bringing his corrupt practices to D.C.

    As far as policies, there were certain policies that Trump had that did not and do not line up with the traditional policies that are at the core of the historical Republican Party.  But, the Republican policies on tax cuts did benefit Trump personally; so his one big accomplishment was getting those through with some extra juicy benefits for real estate developers while screwing over the working class that he claimed to speak for.  

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    He was always a swamp creature.

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    No! The Swamp went Nuclear on Trump ! The literally Destroyed America's founding Principles of the People have the Right to choose their President !

    There is undeniable Proof that this Election was rigged to Not Allow America to vote for Trump ! (Video of Poll Workers, US cybersecurity expert Colonel Phil Waldron stated they saw packets going to this CIA Base, Shredding of Ballots in GA, ect...)

    The Judicial Branch , Mc Connell , and of Course the DEM's and Status Quo/Deep all sat by and did not allow any Investigations (all the cases were rejected on Procedural technicalities and not Evidence was allowed to be presented or investigated) !

    Just wait ! You will see Biden start sending the Troops (that Trump Brought home) back to War, Giving the W.H.O. more US Tax $'s (taking away from the American People) , Letting China get Favored Nation Status (Because it'll make the Swamp Rich), All this will be at the expense of the American People ! That's why they Hated Make America Great ! Because they don't wan the SHEEP getting use to a President (Government) that actually help the America People !....

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    trump spread a stinking miasmas of pestiferous effluvia on the politics of washington . 

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  • 1 month ago

    There was no stolen election.

  • So once he's out of office he will still be able to save Jesus from the Anti Christ right ?

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