Chances of getting old job back?

I worked in my previous job for a few years. I left around 2 months back for another professional experience that just happened but was not job seeking at the time. 

I emailed my former manager to get my old job back a few days ago and still have not received a response I left on great terms - gave notice and received positive messages from manager and team members as I was leaving, wishing me the best in the new job.

They are currently understaffed and looking to hire more people, and my position has not been filled. I would require no training and can seamlessly integrate back into the workplace.I would be surprised if my former manager is ghosting me now or holding some grudge for leaving in the first place. How common is it for people to ask for their jobs back so soon after leaving?

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  • 1 month ago

    I will be honest with you. You left the job, and even though you claim to have left on good terms, management is not interested in having someone who will jump ship, and then almost immediately want to be rehired.

    Even though there is no cost of training, and there is almost no integration, there are costs involved in putting in a new employee. In addition to this, you would lose whatever seniority that you had, and while you like it or not, you will not be happy.

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    i would just keep asking for it, i once got an old job back

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