What do you think about lockdown and covid 19 (I am writing this from the perspective of Poland and the European Union)?

My government, chaired by our Prime Minister Matusz Morawiecki, introduced pandemic restrictions in connection with COVID 19, consisting in the transition of Polish schools and universities to remote learning, closing gyms and fitness clubs, hotels, bazaars, shopping malls, our Polish tourism industry suffers the most losses, in in particular, Górale (highlanders )are such a regional minority from the Tatra Mountains, they and restaurateurs who can only sell food to take away, MP Korwin Mike and his party "Freedom" accuse the PiS government that they do not have the right to close Business without introducing the State of Emergency, provided for in the Polish Constitution which allows for the temporary suspension of some civil rights for 3 months with the possibility of extension by the Sejm for another 3 months with a qualified majority of 2/3 of MPs while maintaining the quorum, the State of Emergency in the Polish Constitution is a bit like the suspension of the Habeas Corpus in British or American law, really serious on the matter, but if the government decided to do so, it would have to pay compensation to businessmen, not only to all Western corporations as it is now, in addition, the government is afraid that they would be compared to General Jaruzelski's communist military junta from the 1980s, some are already making memes with Prime Minister Morawiecki, which show him dressed up either as Jaruzelski in his general's uniform or as a ... 


Hasidic Jew with sideburns because the prime minister once revealed that he was 1/4 of his mother's Jew, and the fact that he was once the general director of Bank Santander Polska causes that the extreme right calls he is a Jew and a bankster, and they call him to show his dick if he is really Polish :-( I am very ashamed of some of my Polish compatriots because we get the label of anti-Semites because of something like this and not all of us are :-(

Update 2:

They saying that he want sell Poland to Jews, Germany and American capital. 

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