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Why doesn't racism apply to me?

I'm asian but look mexican/middle eastern and really dark. Like mocha color. But every encounter I've had with cops has been good. 

My first time getting pulled over was on my bike cuz I didn't have lights on it and I was wearing black. They just cared about my safety. My first speeding ticket the cop threw it out at court for some unknown reason. I got pulled over once but they just wanted to tell me my headlight was out. I got pulled over a couple weeks ago before NYE on the Arizona/California border line for speeding and the cop didn't even want to check my ID, just told me to go the speed limit. It feels like they're more concerned about my safety more than their own "quota"???On top of that, I've never been a victim of race hate crime. No one's ever jumped me. Ppl used to bully me in middle school cuz they thought I was gay but that was 2005 and I was in the ghetto.So now I'm having an existential crisis where I can't vibe with trump haters or BLM people.Am I just really lucky?? Should I test my limits and go to Alabama or something?? Lolll

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    The vast majority of people aren't racists, but of the small percentage, it's often the ones who claim racial vilification who are the true racists.

    Some people seem to think the laws of our land don't apply to them, so if the police give them a directive, suddenly there's a problem. Next thing you know the poor old "victim" is putting on a pretense that the officer is being bigoted against them, due to skin color.

    As compared to you; who followed police directives and was polite, so there truly was no problem and you didn't experience this fake racism.

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    You don't seem to be promoting that "they are doing to you just because your black" because you don't have that privilege.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I live in Alabama.  Please don't move here.

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