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Why did my YouTube video get removed so quickly?

I regularly upload videos that expose the serious corruption and abuse that happens to guests on a popular TV talk show.  I add clips from the show for referential and educational purposes and always include a disclaimer in the description of the vid stating that I own no rights to any of the show's content and never intend to monetize my work. 

Within literally a few seconds of adding the first video that includes the show's clips (the entire video is 11 minutes long), I received a notification stating that the video was blocked "worldwide" through something called Content ID through a copyright claim by NBC.  When I added it a 2nd time, this time muting the embedded video clips, I got another notification stating the same.  It was only when I removed the video clips altogether that I was finally able to publish the video with no further issues.

I noticed that other creators on YouTube post far more content from the same show than I do and yet their videos never get removed through copyright claims (the obvious reason being that these creators are fans of the show?)  Commenters on my vid agreed with me that the TV host and his producers are trying to silence me out of cowardice, but I just want to ask if anyone knows the possibilities as to how the show might be successfully keeping such tight tabs on my YouTube channel.  Getting stuff blocked "worldwide" seems harsh/extreme for 2 tiny clips (muted at that) whereas other creators can add whole episodes with no problems.

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    you cannot use copyrighted material without permission.

    if you believe you are within your rights, you can petition YouTube to challenge it.

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