How to set up Mailto: URL option for emails?

I am trying to send emails through via the mailto: URL, does anyone know how I can put that setting/option on, or set my computer up some way that I can? I am in dire need of any help on this matter. Much appreciated!

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  • Tidus
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    If you already have an email account like Yahoo Mail or Gmail added to an desktop

    application such as Thunderbird then you just click on the mailto: link.

    This will then open the email address in Thunderbird where a message can be composed.

    I don't know what browser your using,but in Firefox mailto: links can be handled

    a number of ways:

    1. Always ask   →   a prompt box opens to choose which option you want.

    2. Use Mail (default)   →  this would use the default app such as Thunderbird.

    3. Use Gmail   →   this will open gmail login page.

    4. Use Yahoo! Mail   →  this will open yahoo mail login page.

    Another option is to right click on the mailto: link and select copy email address.

    Then login to your email address and paste email in the To: field

    Hope this was a help to you.

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