Which other vehicles can Toyota Prius 1.5 magwheels be fit on?

Am selling set of 4 within my local area but am not pretty sure if those can only fit on Prius same models or it can be fit on other vehicles.

As I know of one particular vehicle that it won't fit on is Toyota Crown Super Deluxe.

Though both vehicles has 5 studs but Toyota Crown's studs are too thick to go inside Prius's stud holes

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  • Geo
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    1 month ago
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    You can look up the Wheel Bolt Pattern for any car, once you have that you can add Interchange and see what other cars use it. But you also have to consider the Hub or Centerbore size...the diameter of the hole in the middle. Yours is 54.1mm and you pattern is 5X100 and you use 12mm Studs. The Crown probably uses 14mm Studs. Here's a list of 5X100 Toyotas, you can look up other makes with that pattern, but the Hub diameters will probably be different. https://sizemywheels.com/lz-pcd/5-100/toyota

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Nobody want shitty Toyota wheels. Haha!

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